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I also photograph children

I don’t actually have any shots of kids on this site (I guess I’m trying to keep it a bit grown up and serious), but I do love shooting children. I am a parent myself, to a 4 year old boy and he is very photographed. Shooting children is hard work, but loads of fun and delivers very rewarding shots that will be cherished for many years to come.

portrait photographer london kids_photographer_london-02portrait photographer london


Romantic birthday couple shoot

I had the pleasure of photographing David and Meena in Regent’s Park. The light was beautiful and the atmosphere of the park was a great backdrop for getting some nice shots of the couple. There were just so many places to shoot there.

london_portrait_photographer-1 london_portrait_photographer-2 london_portrait_photographer-3 london_portrait_photographer-4 london_portrait_photographer-5 london_portrait_photographer-6 london_portrait_photographer-7 london_portrait_photographer-8 london_portrait_photographer-9


Landscape Photography

Here are some recent shots from The New Forest and local beaches. It’s really beautiful there!

new forest-5new forest-1new forest-3new forest-4new forest-6new forest-2


Recent Business Portraits

london corporate photographer

I always enjoy shooting business people on location, whether it be in their office, outside around town, or in the clients home. I like the fact that, as a photographer, I have to be versatile and use the location to best effect. There are so many great places in London, we really are spoilt for choice. In my opinion, shooting on location produces more atmospheric imagery than in studio.

corporate_portrait_photographer_london - 04hnh

business portraits


This photo made me feel very insignificant

This made me realise that planet Earth is pretty small


This blew my mind

This really messed with my head as a photographer


Big waves in Brighton

The end of yesterdays big storm, down at Brighton Marina.



Tips for Aspiring Photographers

How to become a photographer

I get lots of emails from people who want to become my assistant or intern. So, here are some tips for getting started in photography:

  1. The main thing you will need to do to become a photographer is to get a good portfolio together. You will need to work for free to begin with. Local magazines may take on budding photographers, and it can be a great experience as you will meet interesting people and photograph things that you would not have done otherwise. Events like festivals, concerts and street parades are also a good source of interesting photo opportunities. Another good way to build up your portfolio is to do test shoots. You can find models and stylist on www.modelmayhem,com who all want to build up there portfolios too and some will shoot in return for the images.
  2. Try and be as creative and as unique as you can be. It will be this that will set you apart from the rest in a very competitive industry.
  3. Keep yourself inspired. Bookmark your favourite photography websites, trawl through Flickr, buy some photography magazines. Have an inspiration wall, where you can put up work that inspires you.
  4. Learn the technical stuff. Some of this can be done by reading through books, but most of it should be done by just playing around and trial and error. If possible do a short course. Your local studio, community centre or college may offer courses.
  5. Get the right kit. If you want to be a Fine Art Photographer, maybe you should shoot film. If you want to shoot events you will need to be digital. If you want to do fashion, you will need some lights. Just start off with the right camera. Remember it’s not just about how many megapixels you get. Megapixels just dictate how big you can blow up an image. Better to get a camera with a good sensor, which can produce bright, sharp images with good colours. You can search Flickr by camera model to see the different kind of shots people get from their cameras. Also, check out reviews on sites like I wouldn’t recommend buying a used digital camera body, although I have bought used lenses and they have been good and about a third cheaper than new. Having decent lenses is essential. A good lens to start with is something like 24-70mm, then when you can afford it, just build up your arsenal.
  6. Assist other photographers. There’s no better way to learn about being a photographer than being on an actual professional shoot. Start off doing it for free. You will just be carrying, fetching, holding and making tea, but you can learn a lot and possibly lead to opportunities of work in the future.
  7. Get your work out there. Upload your images to Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, tag them and send the links out to people. Get a blog. Go on forums. Exhibit.
  8. Get a good website and do some good, targeted SEO. It’s pretty easy to get a good website these days. You can build your own, using online software such as . Try and get your website up the search engines by having a presence on social media sites such as facebook and twitter. You don’t need to pay an SEO company as you can do a lot of it yourself, you will just need to research it a little.
  9. Network with as many other photographers as you can. We are always passing each other work and opportunities. Go to private views, local freelancers groups, or just email local photographers to say hi!
  10. Try and specialise as much as you can. Architectural photography is very different to Sports Photography. You can’t be a master of all trades, so try and find your niche.
  11. Shoot in manual mode at all times.
  12. Shoot in RAW format. Your images won’t be compressed by the camera, like jpegs, so when it comes to editing you can get much better results.
  13. Always backup your work regularly and in separate places, eg. On your computer and also on a removable hard drive. Imagine how you would feel losing your favourite shots forever!
  14. Pick a good editing software. I use lightroom for RAW editing. It’s brilliant, I love it.

I hope these tips have been helpful, now go and have fun!


Corporate Headshots

I had a good shoot at Harwood Capital last week, in their beautiful Georgian townhouse, just off Piccadilly.


Corporate Photographer London 1


Corporate Photographer London 2



Click on the link to see more of my corporate headshots.


London Test Shoots – Models Wanted

Are you an actor or model who is looking for a test shoot for your portfolio? If so, I’d be interested to hear from you as I am planning a series of test shoots in London. I will take standard portfolio shots for you, as well as be taking more creative, contemporary shots, using experimental techniques.

I’m also looking for make-up artists and assistants who are interested in taking part to produce bold, dramatic images.

In return you’ll get copies of images to use on disc that you can use on your website and in your portfolio, but there is no budget to pay people.

You can see some of my work in my portrait portfolio and promo shots portfolio.

If this sounds like something that might be of interest for you, please get in touch with images or links to your portflio: info [at]

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